Parents' Guide to Special Education 2019.pdf

Parents as Partners

This document provides supplemental support to parents/guardians with information on in-school assessments; curriculum modifications; the Identification, Planning and Review Committee (IPRC); programs and services and Renfrew County organizations.


Special Education in Ontario K-12

The Ministry of Education has developed this document to support educators in the implementation of effective programs and/or services for students with special education needs.

RCDSB Secondary Pathways (updated 2020).pdf

Pathways for Secondary Students

This brochure provides a brief description of RCDSB's six secondary pathways.

Supporting Students in the Classroom -- Parent's Guide

Supporting Students in the Classroom

This slideshow provides descriptions, examples and resources for best instructional approaches and supports for students.

Summer multi sensory

Virtual Multi-Sensory Activities

Click on the interactive slides for a virtual multi-sensory room experience