Blind & Low Vision

Meet Our Teachers for Students who are Blind/Low Vision

Marcia McDonald

I've been serving as the RCDSB's Teacher for Students who are Blind/Low Vision since 2008. I'm grateful for the enriching opportunity to work with so many wonderful students, teachers, EAs, principals, and families in this role.

Please contact me with any questions you may have about students with blindness, low vision, or other vision loss (not correctable with glasses.) I'd be happy to assist you!

Rachel McKay

I began working in the RCDSB's Special Education Department in April 2009. In my first twelve years with the RCDSB I had the opportunity to support students with ASD, by working collaboratively with their educators, administrators, families and community partners. In my current role, as the Teacher for Students who are Blind/Low Vision/Complex Needs, I am fortunate to be a part of many amazing teams working with students who are Blind or who have Low Vision, to support their achievement and well being.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Supporting the provision of accommodations for students with BLV

  • Writing, teaching, and reporting on IEP goals from the Expanded Core Curriculum for Students with BLV (including braille literacy)

  • Writing, teaching, and reporting on Assistive Technology IEP goals specific to BLV

  • Preparing SEA applications specific to BLV

  • Managing SEA equipment specific to BLV

  • Performing Functional Vision Assessments and vision consultations

  • Arranging for Orientation & Mobility assessments and training (safe travelling in the school and community, white cane techniques etc.)

  • Contributing to school teams supporting students with BLV and complex needs

  • Obtaining and interpreting eye reports from ophthalmologists

  • Liaising with families and community agencies

  • Transition planning for students with BLV

  • Building capacity by supporting teachers, EAs, and schools serving students with BLV